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Welcome to the Bagel Bin Cafe!

Open 6:00 AM - 2:30 PM Sun-Sat



We're much more than just bagels.

Gourmet bagels are our specialty, and they're just about the best in town, but it only takes one visit to get hooked on our menu and casual ambiance. Our food is delicious, fresh and made to order. Our portions are so large you'll come armed with a doggy bag. Our café is comfortable and inviting - a great place for a quick meal, a long chat, or a quiet place to catch up on some reading. Read our menu here, and then visit us and get hooked today!

We're also a business that's about business: make us your branch office. Our coffee is robust. Our wireless internet is free. Our relaxed atmosphere is great for a casual meeting, but if you've got a big group or need some privacy we have a conference room available.

We can also cater your breakfast or lunch meeting with more variety than "glazed or filled." Our food travels well. Call ahead for your convenience, or request delivery.*

We're not all about business, though. Can you say, "party?" We can. We like parties. We like to cater them. We like to host them. We can even do both at the same time – please read on or ask for details.

Convenience is our middle name. (Bin is just a nickname, like Ed is short for Edward.) This is your place to check out our daily specials and soups or peruse our menu before you're distracted by all the delicious desserts in the case or the ten billion** bagel and cream cheese flavors we have available. Did we mention that you can call ahead and we’ll have your food waiting for you? Bagel Convenience Café, that's us. Maybe we should just stick with Bin, though.

Wireless Internet

*Free delivery is available on orders of $75 or more, or if we really like you.
**Our lawyer says we have to specify that "ten billion" is actually closer to 30 bagels and 20 toppings, but if you're indecisive or easily distracted it'll sure seem like a lot.



Chicken Supreme
Turkey In Cranberry Sauce
Tomato & Basil Bisque
House Paninis
Vegetarian Pesto
Chicken Pesto
Barbecue Chicken
Chicken Caesar Wrap
Casserole Meals
Homestyle Lasagna
Wild Rice & Tuna